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“For God, who said ‘Let Light shine out of darkness,’ made his light shine in our hearts” — II Corinthians 4:6

A Performing Arts Troupe Designed to Serve Churches, Schools, and Community Groups:

  • Trained in high quality music, energetic dramatic sketches and improvisation
  • Experienced in performing for small or large crowds, all ages, for as little as 15 minutes to as long as an hour+… Audience members are invited to participate in fun activities and songs!
  • Musical pieces from today’s hit music, Christian music, children’s pieces
  • Dramatic sketches consist of some original material as well as popular children’s fairy tales, scenes from shows and television – all with redemptive themes woven throughout
  • Salt+Light guarantees a quality, memorable performance no matter what the venue, no matter who the audience!
  • Willing to help serve at your event – wherever you need a pair of extra hands.

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Meet #SaltnLight2k17

_DSC1167 Keegan

Keegan Murphy has been a Christian and been homeschooled his whole life. He first got into theatre when he was eleven and he’s been doing it ever since. He’s seventeen now and still loves acting because he believes it’s fun, builds character, builds confidence, and you can learn a lot about other people too. He’s only been with AWIP for one year, participating  in the MainStage production “The Wiz.” He enjoys many of the simple but best things in life such as community, fellowship, laughter, joy, love, and friendship. He deeply values teamwork and hard work, and he thinks that anything you want to do you should give 110%. He’s only been with S+L for one year but loves the people and believes in the mission.



_DSC1143 Audrey

Audrey Wilson has been involved with A Work in Progress for two years, and has been involved with Salt and Light for one year. She first got involved after watching AWIP’s first production, Singing in the Rain. She sings in her church worship team, and has been playing music for most of her life. She’s 16 and has been homeschooled for 7 years. Her church is House of Bread Community church in Taunton, Massachusetts. She likes acting, books, chocolate, and Jesus.




_DSC1153 DanielDaniel O’Brien is a fan of music and acting, and often spends his free time writing. He was in the original Beta Salt + Light group in 2013. In 2008, he was in his first music performance, and the following semester, he was in his first drama production: he hasn’t stopped since. His personal preference to spend a day is hanging out with friends, and doing some form of project: be it group writing of a story, frisbee or other sport, or just chilling.




Julia Cappadona is 15 years old, and has been a Christian her whole life. Homeschooling since fifth grade, Julia became involved with AWIP two years ago, starting with workshops and moving up to the Main Stage production of “The Wiz”. She has performed in choir for four years as well as multiple productions with Good Company Tutorials. She received vocal training from FSPA, and also participated in Glee Club. She enjoys reading, playing soccer, and being with friends. This will be her first year of Salt+Light, and she is excited to use her love of music and acting to spread the Word of God.



Hannah Macomber is a freshman and has been homeschooling since 5th grade.  She first joined AWIP for the summer workshop High School Musical. She performed in Annie and The Wiz, as well as, the dramatic readings of Our Town and The Crucible.  This past summer she played Jack in AWIP’s summer workshop Newsies, and this fall will be the Bird Woman in Mary Poppins. When Hannah is not acting, singing or dancing, she spends most of her time as a competitive gymnast.  Hannah is very enthusiastic about her first year with Salt and Light, and she hopes to bring laughter and love to the team.


Thomas Lupien is a Junior in high school. This is Tom’s first year with AWIP, but he is looking forward to serving God through music, drama, and service to others. He hopes to grow in Christ as he shows God’s Light to the world. Tom enjoys drama and improv, and he loves music and has been teaching himself how to play the cajon and the djembe. He has a passion for learning, whether it’s about math or astronomy or World War II. He also spends much of his time outdoors: mountain biking, sailing, backpacking, frisbee and observing wildlife are a few of his hobbies.


Noah Jeffrey has been homeschooled since sixth grade. As a 14 year old, Noah begins his first year of both Salt+Light  and AWIP. He enjoys reading books, playing guitar, sports, telling jokes, and sharing the gospel through acting and music.


Graham Wilson has been homeschooling since the first grade, and has been serving at A Work in Progress for over 2 years.  At A Work In Progress, Graham worked on the  backstage crews for Annie, The Wiz, and Alice in Wonderland. Graham also participated in a staged reading of The Crucible. Graham attends House of Bread Community Church in Taunton, MA and has been a Christian all his life. Graham serves his church by running the light system and helping with media.  He likes amusement parks, rock climbing, Jesus, and graham-crackers.

BEING from Mason Pimental on Vimeo.

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