Salt+Light is An Acclaimed Performance Outreach Troupe designed to serve churches, schools, and community groups with interactive, energetic, and heart warming gigs. It’s hard to really describe what they do, so let these videos explain!

Join us at The Progress Show on May 16 for their final performance of the year! If you are interested in joining the team, more info will be available that evening. Click here for The Progress Show details!

Meet Salt+Light 2k19

Salt+Light brings original “gigs” to schools, community centers, youth groups, and more. And it’s FREE! Their gigs contain music, improv, and dramatic presentations that we call “sketches.” Sketches range from interactive, energetic children’s theatre pieces (“Sleeping Beauty,” “The Three Little Pigs,” “Beauty and the Beast”) to more thought-provoking sketches drawing from their experience as teenagers as they navigate social media, making friends, and learning who they are and what path they are on. Audiences of all ages will laugh a lot while also being inspired.

Hannah Macomber

Noah Jeffrey

Kirk Young

Julia Cappadona

Graham Wilson

Kelsey Mclernon

Gabi Distefano

Ethan Bateman

Demetri Petrou

Daisy Ryan

Eliza Cappadona

Lauryn Jeffrey

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  1. To All:
    Thank you for coming to St. Peter Central Catholic School on Wednesday to gift us with both performances. You are a very talented group! We especially enjoyed your music and the selection of Christian songs.
    Again, thank you for sharing.
    God Bless,
    Mrs. Meg Kursonis

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