We are An Acclaimed Performance Outreach Team Designed to Serve Churches, Schools, and Community Groups

  • Through music, acting, and improvisation, our team weaves redemptive themes throughout their energetic and engaging gigs.
  • Gigs can be arranged for any age – from children’s theatre to meaningful presentations made for adult retreats – to high school assemblies and beyond.
  • We do everything from setting up and cleaning up to assisting at churches, youth groups, nursing homes, and food pantries, and more!

It’s hard to explain Salt+Light…

so let these videos do the job!

From the moment it was created, people asked what Salt+Light was. And the folks over at A Work in Progress Productions found the team hard to describe…. but, 4 years and 3 documentaries later, we finally have an answer. These three documentaries explain the concept behind the group (#1), what it’s like to be in the group (#2), and finally, how the group impacts the community (#3). Check out all three videos in this playlist, and below, please find the third installment to the trilogy: SERVING, by Cole Paul

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Meet Salt+Light 2018-2019

Noah Jeffrey

Noah Jeffrey is a junior and has been in salt and light for three years now. He enjoys playing guitar in salt and light and looks forward to serving in whatever way he can. When he isn’t playing music he is reading books or playing sports.

Hannah Macomber

Hannah Macomber is a third year Salt + Lighter. She has been performing with A Work in Progress for five years. She has interned as an acting coach and script writer. Hannah is the creative and acro dance teacher, and enjoys working with other AWIP students. When not performing or taking vocal lessons, she is a platinum level competitive gymnast. Hannah is excited to see what doors God opens for this years team. She hopes to bring laughter and love to her team and the community they will serve.

Kirk Young

Kirk is a sophomore and started performing in AWIP productions when he was in the 7th grade. Kirk grew up in a Christian home. This is his second year of Salt+Light! Someday he hopes to become a comedian. Kirk loves Disney, acting, Pixar and most importantly Jesus. He looks forward to using his acting and improv skills for Jesus. Kirk hopes to add a little bit of comedy to the sketches and to the team.

Julia Cappadona

Julia Cappadona is 17 years old, and has been a Christian her whole life. Homeschooling since fifth grade, Julia became involved with AWIP four years ago, starting with workshops and moving up to the Main Stage productions since “The Wiz.” She has performed in choir for five years as well as multiple productions with Good Company Tutorials. She received vocal training from FSPA, and also participated in Glee Club. She enjoys reading, playing soccer, and being with friends. This will be her third year of Salt+Light, and she is excited to continue to use her love of music and acting to spread the Word of God.

Gabby Distefano

Gabby Distefano loves music, reading, and sports. She has been involved with A Work in Progress for a little over two years now and has grown to love it very much. Gabby is a classically trained pianist that has been playing for about a decade now, but she enjoys picking up some modern and jazz songs here and there. She is 16 years old and has been homeschooled for almost five years and this is her second year of Salt + Light. Gabby is very excited to bring energy to the group and spread God’s love.

Kelsey McLernon

Kelsey has been homeschooled her entire life and has been involved on AWIP for 5 years. At AWIP, she has been in Annie, The Wiz, Mary Poppins, White Christmas, and Newsies as well as the staged readings of The crucible, Little Women, and Anne Of Green Gables. She has also interned for several Junior productions, and is teaching music for younger students at AWIP for the first time this year. Growing up in a Christian home and committing her life to Christ at the age of 8, Kelsey hopes that in her second year in Salt in Light she can serve the community around her by sharing the Gospel and the joy of Christ. When she isn’t on stage, Kelsey is singing, writing, reading, and dancing.

Graham Wilson

Graham Wilson has been homeschooling since the first grade, and has been serving at A Work in Progress for over 4 years. At A Work In Progress, Graham worked on the backstage crews for Annie, The Wiz, Alice in Wonderland, and Mary Poppins. Graham also performed in White Christmas and Newsies. Graham attends House of Bread Community Church in Taunton, MA and has been a Christian all his life. Graham serves his church by running the light system and helping with media.

Eliza Cappadona

Eliza Cappadona is 15 years old and has been homeschooled ever since the third grade. This is her first year in Salt & Light but she has been involved with AWIP since the 2015 mainstage production “The Wiz.” She also interned for the junior production “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” Eliza has been a Christian for as long as she can remember and was baptized at age 12. She can’t wait to bring energy to the team and to spread God’s love to the community.

Daisy Ryan

Daisy Ryan is 15 years old, and is a freshman in high school.  Daisy has been homeschooled for most of her school years. She has been involved in many AWIP main stage plays.  She has also interned for two junior productions.  She has a strong love for Jesus and, also loves to dance, act, and sing. Daisy is so excited to spread the love of God to everyone the team serves.”

Ethan Bateman

Ethan Bateman is 16 years old, and has been homeschooled since third grade. At age twelve, Ethan picked up violin and participated in the Flower Mound Philharmonic Orchestra in Texas for two years. Ethan has continued to play violin for various events after he moved to Massachusetts in 2017, such as Make Art Collective. Ethan was born and raised as a Christian, and has a passion for reflecting Christ through his music and community service. This is Ethan’s first year in both A Work in Progress and Salt+ Light, and he enjoys interacting with all the people he meets during their performances.

Lauryn Jeffrey

Lauryn was raised in a Christian home and is currently attending Winthrop Street Baptist Church in Taunton Ma. She accepted Jesus as her Savior and fully understood what it meant at age 11. She loves singing, acting, soccer, and sharing the joy of Jesus with others

Demetri Petrou

Demetri Petrou is a junior in high school, and this is his first year in Salt and Light and A Work in Progress as a whole. Playing Spanish guitar, singing, astronomy, cooking, and 3D Origami are some of his hobbies. Demetri has been homeschooled since second grade, and he is a member of Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church. Using his talents, Demetri looks forward to spreading Christ’s teaching to the community through Salt and Light with other teens.

BEING from Mason Pimental on Vimeo.

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