TIP Crew

TIP: Tech in Progress

The tech crew is what changes a play into a performance. Come and learn the basics of lighting, sound, and fly system.

Three training/work days will allow students to experience all aspects of technical theatre. During the performance, students will get to choose which crew they would like to work on, including backstage crew.

Each member of the tech crew will be required to own a pair of heat resistant work gloves, available at any hardware store, a small flashlight, and a set of black clothing, including black shoes & socks,  to wear during the production. Led by Melissa + Jason Lamb.

To fulfill part of above mentioned black clothing requirement, students may purchase a black Production Themed crew T-Shirt from the AWIP Store.

Experienced TIP members are encouraged to apply for an internship. More details to come.

If you are interested in Set Design as well, sign up for both. Learn more about Set Design here.

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