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1468616_571079199633011_1585341433_nWhen taking up any instrument, it is emphasized  how important it is to practice regularly, take good care of your instrument, and the proper techniques for performing. Yet we tend to forget that our voice is also an instrument, that needs to be trained and cared for in the same way! Our choral options and vocal technique classes will help students of all ages to discover their voice and Sing Out.




Music Department Classes for 2018-2019:



Music Department Internships are also available!

At A Work in Progress, we put internships at the forefront of our company. We believe that our students have been blessed with talents which we hope to help them discover and nurture. Each department within AWIP has a ‘pyramid’ structure that allows students to progress towards the top position available in that department. In the costume department, it is possible for a student to work their way up to being the Music Teacher for a large class or production, if they have gone through the steps provided! We want our students to dream big while discovering where their passions lie. Below, you will find the Music Department Pyramid and a listing of internships currently available.



Music Department Internships

The Music Department is currently seeking Music Interns to assist with the High Notes Choirs. This person must be familiar with choral music and able to sing with a group while holding a part. They must also be confident with teaching younger students and able to be flexible!

For more information on our internships, including how to apply and how credit is rewarded, click here.


To contact Emily Cuellar, Musical Director, fill out this form:


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