Weekly Class Updates

Welcome to our 6th spring semester!

Last year’s Junior Production

A note from the director…

Hi everyone,

This is an important update about the Lutheran Church so please read carefully!

Traci Macomber and I visited the space today after their weekend “dumpster day” that we knew they were having. And although it is in the process of being completely cleaned out in preparation for the renovations/construction starting next month, it’s been totally turned upside down. 

The bullet points:

  • We only have the Picasso art classroom, the main lounge, and the nursery available to us. 
  • This means there is no longer a parent lounge available to us for the rest of the semester. 
  • If it is nice out, you can use the lawn/picnic tables outside
  • All that to be said: unfortunately, we need to be DROP OFF ONLY for the rest of the semester, including the cast parties.

We apologize for the sudden inconvenience. We knew they had a big renovation coming up but expected the space to stay put until May 2. 

We will still have the class presentations tomorrow (tap @12:30 and Swinging @1:45), and we have a plan for the cast party so we should be ok as far as our regular programming. We simply can’t have a waiting room/lounge option for the rest of the semester. Thank you for understanding!

Miss Jen

Junior Production Cast Party Info

This is an optional event and we will need you to sign up to let us know if you are coming. We have separated the parties out into these categories…

  • Tuesday, April 9 @2:00-3:30
    • All dance classes
    • High Notes Junior
    • Act Two cast
  • Thursday, April 11 @2:00-3:30
    • High Notes
    • Act One cast
    • TIP Crew

Please sign up using this form – and you can select food items to contribute as well if you are able to 🙂 There will be music, games, and fun! Interns are invited to come to both, or whichever one they can.

New “Final Class” information for Swinging Thru Science, Junior Tap, and Media Arts:

Here is the plan for Tuesday, April 9:

  • Media Arts Crash Course classes meet at their normal times
  • Junior Tap will meet at 12:30, with a final presentation at 1:00 for families
  • Swinging Thru Science will meet at 1:00, with a final presentation at 1:45 for families.
  • The Cast Party for Tuesday Junior Production classes will be from 2:00-3:30  

As a reminder…

Here’s the adjusted Spring 2 Schedule due to the Lutheran Church beginning renovations in May:

  • Thursdays, March 14-April 11: normal class times
    • Recreational Ballet: 11:15-12:15
    • Vocal Technique 1: 11:30-12:30
    • Vocal Technique 2: 2:00-3:00
  • Thursday, April 18: April Vacation week, no classes unless needed for snow make up
  • Thursdays, April 25+ May 2: adjusted class times due to losing the last week
    • Recreational Ballet: 10:45-12:15
    • Vocal Technique 1: 11:00-12:30
    • Vocal Technique 2: 1:30-3:00

Please note that the last class of the session (May 2) will include a Presentation Time during the last 15 minutes of class.

Join us as we celebrate AWIP! More information here…

Upcoming Dates

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Jan 8-Mar 26: 12-week Spring session classes

Mar 12-May 11: Spring semester 2

April 9+11: CAST PARTIES for Production Classes at Immanuel during normal class times (2:00-3:30 on each day)

Thursday, May 2 @ Immanuel: In-class presentations, last 15 minutes of classes

Thursday, May 16 @7pm: THE PROGRESS SHOW @New England Chapel

A few boys enjoying some free time in the family lounge between classes…

Where to go in the area during classes:


  • When you enter the driveway, please go straight and use the SECOND entrance into the parking lot. We will have cones indicating this.
  • Please do not drop off students in the driveway area – rather, park in the parking lot. This helps to avoid traffic.
  • AWIP enters through the back door (not the main entrance). There will be cones and signs to help you find it. 
  • Returning families: you will see CONES set up in the middle of the parking lot as a ‘drive thru’ lane. This is because it was difficult for cars dropping off to drive thru the parking lot with all the cars parked. Just follow the signs and cones and you will be good to go!

Who to Contact:

In case you missed it, here’s the fine print…

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