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Welcome to our 6th spring semester!

Last year’s Junior Production

A note from the director…

Welcome! This newsletter is for *ALL* Classes at AWIP this semester (not to be confused with other emails pertaining just to the acting classes, etc).

Hi everyone! Hope you enjoyed the snow today and that you had a nice long weekend! the first big reminder for this week is that there are NO classes this week due to February vacation! The following classes will be adjusting hours for the next few weeks to make up for the snow cancellation last week:

  • High Notes Junior: adding an extra 15 minutes on Feb 26 (so class will run from 1:00-2:00)
  • Swinging Thru Science: adding an extra 15 minutes on Feb 26+Mar 5 (class will run 12:45-2:00)
  • Tuesday Junior Production: adding an extra half hour on Feb 26, Mar 5 + Mar 12 (class will run 2:00-4:00)

Thank you for working with us! The reason we can’t make up the junior production class tomorrow is because of the master class that was scheduled from 1-4. Read below for more info on that!

Just a reminder that our 8-week classes have their last two weeks after vacation! The Hip Hop Class will do a small class presentation during the last 15 minutes of class on Mar 7. The Secret Garden will perform on Mar 8 – be sure to mark your calendars and support these amazing kids who learned a show in 7 weeks.

Please note: for those paying in monthly installments, the next tuition payment is due March 1. Please email Traci or Steph at awip.books@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Jennifer Roca, Director

Parent Meeting Notes

Click here for notes from the Parent Meeting(s) that were held two weeks ago. A few parents who missed the meetings have contacted Traci and are making it up on Tuesday. Please contact her ( tracimacomber86@gmail.com ) f you are able to do this. Otherwise we will expect you to read these notes and be informed! Thank you! 

SHOUT OUTS are available for purchase in the AWIP store!

The deadline is March 7. Not only do proceeds go towards our In Progress Fund, you get the chance to congratulate your favorite students in the show… and then the playbill becomes a keepsake for them to treasure!

Click here to access the AWIP Store

Costume Sizes Needed

All Junior Production Classes (Dance, High Notes, Acting classes): Please fill out this form so that the costume department can get a better idea of sizes. Thank you so much! 

Junior Production Files

New Families: Visiting the Stage at Tolman

Tolman copy.png
We discussed the importance of taking a Tour of Tolman for all new families before the production. As a reminder, the Junior Production includes both “High Notes” classes, all Creative+Classical Dance classes, and both junior production classes. 

This is to ensure that the students (and families) are comfortable with the space (and it’s fun!). Please fill out this form to let us know when you can stop by.

The tours are given by Jen Roca and you will get an email with more info the week before you are planning to visit. If you don’t see a time that works for you, respond back to this email and we can work something else out!

Volunteer Opportunities Available!

Volunteer with us and earn free tickets (and more!). We are always looking for parents interested in volunteering. There are many opportunities to plug in. Contact Traci Macomber at tracimacomber86@gmail.com to see what needs AWIP has… and thank you!

Join us for “The Secret Garden”

Friday, March 8 @7pm


  • We provide supervision in the parent lounge all day between classes, where students can eat, relax, do school work, etc. However, while we monitor the parking lot and playground, we do not have an active staff member on duty in those areas. You must supervise your children in the playground area and we ask that no children hang out in the parking lot (even if you are there). Thank you!

Upcoming Dates

To subscribe to our google calendar, click here.

A few boys enjoying some free time in the family lounge between classes…

Where to go in the area during classes:


  • When you enter the driveway, please go straight and use the SECOND entrance into the parking lot. We will have cones indicating this.
  • Please do not drop off students in the driveway area – rather, park in the parking lot. This helps to avoid traffic.
  • AWIP enters through the back door (not the main entrance). There will be cones and signs to help you find it. 
  • Returning families: you will see CONES set up in the middle of the parking lot as a ‘drive thru’ lane. This is because it was difficult for cars dropping off to drive thru the parking lot with all the cars parked. Just follow the signs and cones and you will be good to go!

Who to Contact:

In case you missed it, here’s the fine print…

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