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Photography I – for ages 8+

Knowing how to take good pictures is more than just using a good camera.  In this class we’ll learn about how light and composition is used to create images.  There will be some camera use. This camera could be a point-and-shoot or a DSLR, please no iPads or tablets.  Your child should come knowing how to turn on the camera and how to take a picture and look at the image after they’ve taken it.  Settings won’t matter in this class. We’ll use natural light and artificial light. We’ll cover a little bit of color theory…complementary and analogous colors.  We’ll learn about the rule of thirds, filling the frame, and limb chops. Teaching our brains and eyes to frame a situation is starting the foundation to making great photographs.  We’ll also delve into critiquing one another’s work. The instructor will encourage positive critiquing using key terms we’ve learned.

 Photography II – for ages 13+

These classes will be geared towards those who already have a knowledge base of photography.  The student could be self-taught or taught by another instructor. Each week an assignment will be given to push their creativity, to show off what they know, to give one another feedback in a way of a critique, and to move them to ask for help when needed.  However, if students have never picked up a camera, they are more than welcome to take the class. I will be available in class and by email outside of class for additional instruction. This older group will be more self-directed in what we specifically cover.  The first class will be spent talking about what the students are looking to get out of the class and the following classes will be built up on those first day conversations. It is imperative that each student have their own DSLR or SLR. On the first day of class it is highly encouraged that students bring 5-10 examples of their photography, if they are currently taking photos.  If they are an artist in another way (writer, poet, dancer, painter, sculptor, etc.) they can bring in examples of that art (photographs of their art or original pieces are acceptable). This will allow me to get an idea of who they are and how they process. If the student is not an artist and has never held a camera, they are more than welcome to talk to me about what they hope to learn and why they are taking the class.

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