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Welcome to the AWIP Media Department, established in 2017 by Media Director Mason Pimental (’17) as a way for students to manage and create the media for A Work in Progress’s many media-based needs while exploring  opportunities in film, photography, graphic design, social media and more. The hope for this student-led department is that students will be able to work their way up to a director position within the company, as a Film Director, Photography Director, Design Director, and eventually the Media Director in general. Please see the Media Department pyramid, below, for more information, as well as our Media Department playlist on YouTube, where you can see past projects. Finally, this official Media Department resources page contains a growing and changing list of films, books, and more, that will inspire creativity.

The AWIP Media Department

A recent film shoot with our media directors…


The Media Crew will consist of any student who has a general interest in helping out with film or photography shoots, or any other event that might pop up during the year. To be a part of the Media Crew, all you have to do is sign up, and we will email you when there is something coming up that you can participate in.

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a graphic created for promoting “The Wiz”


Media Interns will be required to fill out an application and meet for a brief interview, to be considered for many areas of internships within the department. Interns will be given responsibilities for specific projects, such as photography for our classes, film shoots, logo creation, etc. They will work directly with the Directors to create a cohesive ‘brand’ for our events, from marketing and promotion to media shown during the event itself. Media Interns will be able to receive credit towards future classes as outlined on our Internship page…

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We are looking to fill two director positions. The Photography Director will be in charge of the majority of AWIP’s photographic pursuits. This will cover things such as directing the picture-taking of Salt+Light while they are at a gig, doing head shots for the Jr Production marquee, taking pictures at AWIP’s MainStage production, and many other things. The Photography Director may not do all of these things but will manage and oversee them, working with many Media interns, especially those interested in photography. The Photography Director will also have  some creative freedom and will be encouraged to work on his or her own creative projects and ideas within AWIP. Lastly, the Photography Director will work with  the Media Director and the other directors in achieving AWIP’s media-based goals.

Cole Paul doubling as a character in the show and the videographer

​The Design Director will oversee and direct many of the designs of AWIP’s logos, promotions, and posters. This will include designing logos for many of AWIP’s classes and summer workshops, and making posters and promotional art for AWIP’s productions and clothing. The Design Director will teach and work with many Design interns. The Design Director, like the other directors, will also be given some creative freedom and will be encouraged to work on his or her own creative projects within AWIP. Lastly the Design Director will work with  the Media Director and the other directors in achieving AWIP’s media-based goals.

Directors will be eligible for internship credit towards future classes at AWIP, as detailed on our internship page.

Interested applicants should apply before June 1 for consideration for our summer projects.

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If you have any other questions about the Media Department, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

The Media Department Pyramid

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