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A Work in Progress is proud to offer several Master Classes per year. Master Classes are specialized courses taught by local professionals in their field. They provide exciting glimpses into specific areas of the arts. These classes are usually packed with information and energetic. Your student will have a chance to get up and work with the professional if they choose to, or just sit back and observe. In either case, they will be inspired!! 

Join us online on May 7 for our next Media Workshop!

In this workshop, students will have fun being walked through a real time editing process. Students will learn the fundamentals of a non linear editing system, which is the professional standard and the next step up from iMovie or similar softwares.

Students will also learn how to tell a story and make a cohesive piece through editing, and additionally we will also go over ways to color and enhance footage to make it look the best it can be! Led by Media Dept Coach Cole Paul.

Cole Paul has been working with film/photography for the past 4 years as a student and a creator. He has written, filmed, and produced several short films while interning for companies such as Steer Films in Providence. He teaches the “Media Arts Crash Course” classes at AWIP, coaches the Media Department, and is currently a student at Wheaton College studying Media Arts.


  • WHEN: Thursday, May 7 @10-12
  • WHERE: A ZOOM online meeting (link to be provided upon registration)
  • COST: $10/student (ages 10+ recommended)

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We look forward to offering more Master Classes in 2019-2020! Be sure to sign up for our monthly newsletter to learn when the next master classes will be offered!

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