Dance Department

Learn the art of dancing… without the pressure

A Work in Progress is pleased to present our Dance Department – where students can learn ballet, tap, and creative dance in a relaxed, encouraging, and motivating environment, at their own pace. Our instructors are professionally trained and highly acclaimed, with experience in all areas of dance. Your beginner student will feel welcomed, and your intermediate or advanced student will be challenged.  Reach out to us via social media (the icons on the right) or leave a comment below if you have any questions!


**Note**  Dance class ages are a GUIDE.   Contact us if you have any questions about where to place your child.


Dance Department Offerings, 2018-2019:

All of these classes will be offered during both the spring and fall semesters.



Combo Packages:

  • Take Creative+Classical and save 15%!
  • Take Creative+Acro and save 15%
  • Take Creative, Classical + Acro and save 25%!

*note that the combo packages are listed as separate classes in the registration!

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