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12642768_992137340860526_7764853278169218252_nOur Acting Classes are designed for students to learn the basics of acting, improvisation, and character study techniques. Without the pressure of a production, they are free to have fun and explore wonderful material, building confidence and gaining teamwork skills along the way. Beginners will feel welcomed and encouraged while more advanced students will be challenged and inspired.


Acting Department Class Listings, 2018-2019:

Click here for a PDF of our Acting classes that you can download and print!




Interested in Productions?

  • Click here for our Mainstage Production
  • Click here for our Junior Production


Acting Department Internships

Interns working with students in 2017



At A Work in Progress, we put internships at the forefront of our company. We believe that our students have been blessed with talents which we hope to help them discover and nurture. Each department within AWIP has a ‘pyramid’ structure that allows students to progress towards the top position available in that department. In the Acting Department, it is possible for a student to work their way up to being the Director of a large class or production, if they have gone through the steps provided! We want our students to dream big while discovering where their passions lie. Below, you will find the Acting Department Pyramid and a listing of internships currently available.




Current Acting Internships Available:

The Acting Department is in need of assistants in Maestro Classics, Swinging Thru History, and both classes of “Narnia” in the spring. These students must be fun, flexible, and able to work as a team! They must also be able to be firm with direction when needed. For more information on our internships, including how to apply and how credit is rewarded, click here.


To Contact Jennifer Roca, Director of the Acting Department, please fill out this form:


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