Swinging Thru History

An Acting-and-History Class for ages 6-13


Where else can an acting class be a lesson in history? This year, our popular class will be broken into two age groups. Swinging Thru History for ages 9-13 and Swinging Thru History Junior for ages 6-9. The classes will explore some of the great real life characters in history; from Alexander Hamilton to Rosa Parks, Abraham Lincoln to Amelia Earhart, this class will make historical time travel to when the greats were kids – in places like the playground, the dinner table and on the bus. We will pretend to be these amazing people in history when they were young and dreaming. The class will be creative, theatrical, educational, and so much fun while learning the basics of acting. We will also have mini monologues for each student and lots of improv, crafts, and discussion.

This semester, students will get to know Michelangelo, Joan of Arc, Einstein, Eliza Schuyler, Phyllis Wheatley, King Solomon, MLK, Pulitzer, and more! A great way to supplement your homeschool education in a fun and creative way.

Taught by Nicole Cannella


Click here for a PDF with all these details (that you can download and print! Yay hard copies!)



Immanuel Lutheran Church, 647 North Main Street, Attleboro



  • MANDATORY OPEN HOUSE: Tuesday, September 5th @12:00
  • Swinging Thru History: September 12-October 31 (8 weeks) @2:00-3:00
  • Swinging Thru History Junior:  September 12-October 31 (8 weeks) @1:00-1:45
  • There will be a Fall Class Presentation on Tuesday, October 31



  • Swinging Thru History: $89 total (Admin fee of $25, tuition of $8/hour)
  • Swinging Thru History Junior: $65 total (Admin fee of $25, tuition of $5/hour)
  • Invoices will be emailed by August 1 and divided into monthly payments.
  • You may sell candy to offset tuition or apply for other scholarships/discounts. Please contact us for more information
  • Check out this document to see where your money goes!


**We will add a class in the spring if there is enough demand for it!

**Swinging Thru History, Jr is currently wait listed! Please click here to be added to the wait list


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