Swinging Thru Science!

This class, co-taught by Melissa Wiese–brain surgery survivor, ultra sound technician and homeschool mom– alongside Nicole Cannella –children’s author and actor– will be the best of both worlds… or left and right brain, if you will! On one side, your child will learn from Miss Wiese about 8 pertinent parts of the brain and heart: their location and function through diagrams and drawings, while on the other, sing short songs about each part to ensure memorization in a fun and engaging way! We will get to the bottom of those parts of the brain and heart through music, art, and fun. Sure to be a “memorable” class! Click here to learn more about the instructors.

For a PDF of our Acting Classes that you can download and print, click here!

Class Details:

  • Location: Immanuel Lutheran Church
  • Weekly Classes: Tuesdays, Jan 8-Apr 2 @1:00-2:00
  • Cost: $145 total ($25 Admin Fee plus $10/class)


Invoices will be emailed by December 1 and divided into monthly payments.You may sell candy to offset tuition or apply for other scholarships/discounts. Please contact us for more information. Also: Admin fees will not be charged once a family hits $100 in Admin (registration) fees!


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