Well! As part of the roller-coaster ride of starting up a little business, we found out this week that we will not be able to have our summer workshops at Grace Baptist as we had previously advertised. But then, just as quickly as we found that out, we had an opportunity fall into our laps that we just couldn’t resist. Cardi’s Furniture in South Attleboro has an amazing rehearsal/mini-performance space and when I saw it, my jaw dropped: it’s perfect for us! The dates are still the same but the location has changed- check out our ‘summer workshops’ for more information- the information has all been updated. Register now!! 😀
~~Jennifer Roca

UPCOMING EVENTS: Musical Theatre Revue

The students in our Musical Theatre class have been working hard over the past 6 weeks or so, and are putting together a wonderful final presentation. Please join us on Thursday, May 30th @6:30 pm for an evening of Broadway Classics, held at Grace Baptist Christian Academy (1000 Oak Hill Ave) in the auditorium. You may find yourself swept up into their enthusiastic performances and toe-tapping along with them!