Intro to Shakespeare

Shakespeare often elicits eye roll and groans from teenagers and adults alike. It’s often thought of as boring, a chore, or an obligation. However, Shakespeare’s plays were the Hollywood of their time. Meant to entertain nobles and peasants, these plays cover a wide array of topics. In this course, we will study the time of William Shakespeare, his personal history, and how he crafted the English language to bring his plays to life. We will focus on one play, Romeo and Juliet, a tale of two “star-crossed lovers.” This will not be a boring course, but a fun and interactive one! We will also prepare a small scene to share at the end of the semester, with perhaps some “special effects” to wow the crowd. No acting experience is required or expected, and everyone is welcome! For ages 13-18 (younger students allowed if approved by instructor). Taught by Melissa Lamb.

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