illuminate: our board of directors

The Board of Directors serves as volunteers of illuminate. Its purpose is to:

  1. Support the mission statement of the company. It is the Board of Directors responsibility to review the statement of mission and purpose, which articulates the organization’s goals, means, and primary constituents served on an annual basis.¶
  2. Select and support the Executive Director.
  3. Ensure effective planning.
  4. Monitor and strengthen programs and services.
  5. Ensure adequate financial resources.
  6. Protect assets and provide proper financial oversight.
  7. Build a competent Board of Directors.
  8. Ensure legal and ethical integrity
  9. Enhance the organization’s public standing.

The terms of the Board of Directors are two years on a rotating schedule, starting on June 1 when our fiscal year begins. More information on how to be part of the Board to be announced soon.

The Board of Directors for 2020-2021

  • Phil LaFond
  • Melissa Lamb
  • Jason Lamb
  • Tom Roche
  • Traci Macomber
  • Laura Picard
  • Ray Santos
  • Michael Sherrod
  • Jennifer Keating Roca

Officers of the Board

  • President – Jennifer Keating Roca
  • Treasurer – Michael Sherrod
  • Secretary – Jason Lamb

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