Internships provide valuable educational experiences, as they facilitate student learning outside of the classroom. Interns have the opportunity to appreciate more fully the connections between theory and practice, to adapt to a culture outside the traditional  environment, and to gain exposure to potential career choices. Interns also help by serving the company in areas of need. Watch our YouTube series called ‘The Intern Project’ to learn more about how internships with AWIP affected some of our alumni!

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Interns receive ‘community service’ credit on their transcript, as well as credit towards future classes at AWIP. They also gain incredible experience working with kids, working as a team, developing self-confidence, and gaining experience in various fields!

Now accepting Internship Applications for 2018-2019!

We are in need of the following:

  • Assistant Directors and Acting Coaches for the Junior Production
  • Assistant Director of the Staged Reading
  • Class assistants for Acting Classes, Creative/Classical Ballet, High Notes
  • Administrative assistance for all of A Work in Progress
  • Costuming Interns
  • Website Intern (must be familiar with WordPress)
  • Social Media Interns (must be familiar with social media)
  • Non Profit Interns (for assistance with our fundraising and grants)
  • Backstage Manager: This person will be in charge of all things backstage. They should be comfortable leading a crew of people and be able to make quick decisions. Experience as a crew member is preferred, but training is possible for those who are interested. This person is required to attend all rehearsals once blocking begins.
  • Assistant Stage Manager: This person will work alongside the stage manager, making sure the production runs smoothly The ASM is required to attend all rehearsals and take notes, as appropriate. During production, the ASM will have several important responsibilities, and will report directly to the Stage Manager. Experience with theatre performances is preferred, but training can be provided for the proper candidate.

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