Digital Film Making: An 8-week course

The AWIP Media Department,  is committed to providing high quality training in all areas of film, photography, and graphic design. Students of all experience-levels will be inspired and challenged. While we have a course offering in film being offered currently, we will be adding workshops in photography and graphic design throughout the year.



Film and the Art of Storytelling

In this class, students will be taught the basics of cinematography and story creation. Broken into 2 parts, pre-production and production, they will learn how to operate a camera, basic rules of composition and lighting, directing, and sound design. They will then write and produce their own short film under the guidance of a professional cinematographer using some of the latest technology in the industry.




We will talk about the many facets of filmmaking as story telling, including what it means to view film as art and how to engage secular culture from the view of God as creator and artist. Taking time to dive deep into our own stories, we’ll think about our lives in terms of the stories we’ve already written and have yet to write. Everyone has a story to tell, some are fun and exciting and others are broken and painful, and we’ll look at what it means to be authentic and true to those stories. Taught by Chad Bowditch.

Chad Bowditch

Chad Bowditch studied film at Calvin College, with an emphasis on direction and media production.Upon leaving school, Chad employed his passion for film compiling a mini-documentary for Congresswomen Virginia Foxx of North Carolina and now is professional wedding videographer and freelancer. He continues learning new techniques and is studying to be a professional colorist. He believes it’s not the camera that counts, but the creativity behind the camera.




Check out this video, filmed and produced by the last workshop Chad held with us. Students in the film class will create something similar in this course, except that it will be an original film that they write and direct together. Students of all skill levels are encouraged to participate as Chad will customize the class to meet the needs of the students, whether beginners or experienced. Recommended for ages 12-18, although students ages 10-12 may participate if approved.

For more information and to register, click here.

Fall classes taught by Nicole Cannella -a few spots left!


Nicole Cannella

Nicole Cannella started teaching with A Work in Progress two years ago, and her classes have quickly become some of the highlights of the year for our students. She has taught everything from Maestro Classics for ages 5-18 to Creative Writing workshops to two of our Staged Readings for ages 12-18 over the years. Miss Nicole has worked as an actor, teacher, and is a published author, having combined her love for the arts and education in her first book entitled  “The Ribbit Exhibit.” She has taught acting and theatre at the YMCA, with Drama Kids International Academy, and her own “Hulabaloo and Hodgepodge Too,” which is an all-girls course combining theatre arts with history, poetry, and more. She has acted in many professional productions, including “Steel Magnolias,” “Picasso at the Lapin Agile,” “Dancing at Lughnasa” and many more. Her film experience includes  “Me, Myself and Irene,” “Strikingly Single,” and “The Union,” as well as many commercials. She most recently co-wrote the acclaimed “Leaving a Mark” children’s book with Dorian Murray, also known as #DStrong. Her most valued role is that of mother of three children; Nicholas, Olivia and Noelle. Raising them with her husband Jay has been one of her life’s greatest accomplishments. Nicole is one of our most adored teachers at AWIP! Students love her classes,

This post will focus on her two fall classes she is offering, which have a few spots left…

Swinging Thru History

Swinging Thru History, Fall 2016

Last year, at the last minute, we introduced a new class that quickly filled, and quickly became one of the most popular courses we have ever offered! Where else can an acting class be a lesson in history? This year, our popular class will be broken into two age groups: Swinging Thru History for ages 9-13 and Swinging Thru History Junior for ages 6-9….however, the Junior class is currently wait listed. These classes explore some of the great real life characters in history; from Alexander Hamilton to Rosa Parks, Abraham Lincoln to Amelia Earhart, this class will make historical time travel to when the greats were kids – in places like the playground, the dinner table and on the bus. We will pretend to be these amazing people in history when they were young and dreaming. The class will be creative, theatrical, educational, and so much fun while learning the basics of acting. We will also have mini monologues for each student and lots of improv, crafts, and discussion.

This semester, students will get to know Michelangelo, Joan of Arc, Einstein, Eliza Schuyler, Phyllis Wheatley, King Solomon, MLK, Pulitzer, and more! A great way to supplement your homeschool education in a fun and creative way.

#OnYourToes with Poetry and Prose

Nicole Cannella, published author of poetry

Miss Nicole’s fall writing class will venture into the wonderful world of the creative word. Students will take on both historical and current issues important to each and translate them into written word, using their unique voice to offer a positive wisdom in this world . The class will culminate in a small presentation where they will showcase their original work.

Part writing class, part spoken word/ performance art, this class will not only enhance your homeschool curriculum, but encourage deep thinking, awareness, and confidence. Aimed at ages 12-18. Younger students may contact us if interested.


Want to Register? Only a few spots are open in these fall classes:

  • For more information about “Swinging Thru History” — and to register — click here! We expect it to fill within the next week, so don’t delay!

  • For more information about “Poetry and Prose” — and to register — click here! 


And if you are curious about her spring course offerings, check out her Creative Writing course and The Staged Reading of “Anne of Green Gables.”  We have something for everyone!


As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!


See you soon,

Jen Roca for all of us at AWIP